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What is the cost?

It depends on just how much work needs to be done on your reports. Each client is different, so we like to take a peak at it beforehand in order to be as transparent about pricing as possible. Regardless of how severe the case, we always make it affordable.

Our promise?

Every client has a different report so how we help each client will be unique/specific to their situation. We utilize the consumer based protection laws to ensure that the erroneous information on your report is either removed or corrected. Along the way, we advise you of actions that you can be taking to ensure that your credit score is optimized.   We view all of our clients as our clients for life, and it is our goal to help each one reach theirs.

When I get my credit report, does it hurt my scores?

Not if you pull them through the sources that we recommend. However, if you are getting them through a source that is reviewing your reports in order to qualify you for a loan, then possibly. These are called inquiries and their impact to your score is usually minimal. When shopping for a home loan or auto loan, multiple inquiries may only count as a single inquiry if done in a short period of time.

Do you share our personal information with anyone?

No way. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We have strong online security along with on-site shredding company that makes sure none of your information gets into the wrong hands.


We can definitely help advise you on best options. However, we do not do debt settlement or debt consolidation. We have come across a few good companies over the years and can recommend one to you if it comes to that. Debt settlement or consolidation can be harmful to your credit sometimes, so we will only advise this in worst case scenarios.


 You can email them to, fax to 888-669-7372 or feel free to call and we can walk you through other options.

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