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Credit Services are only a small part of today’s financial world. As such, we see an amazing amount of mutual benefit in working together with other industry-related businesses as well as individuals. Whether it’s adding people to our referral program or teaming up with companies to help their clients, we’re always looking to grow our circle of friends.


We offer a variety of programs. For individuals looking to simply refer their friends, we’ve established our referral program. Our affiliate program is designed for companies that need help getting their own client’s credit in order. We’re experts at what we do and like to make others look good in the process.

Join our referral program

Join our referral program

If you know someone who needs credit help, put them in touch with us and earn $50 if they enroll. The Sperity referral program is a great way to help out a friend while earning a little on the side. All you have to do is signup.


Become a Sperity Affiliate

We work closely together with your clients to provide a smooth transition back to you.

Is your client not eligible for a loan? Did you try to get your client approved, but realized they have less-than-perfect credit? That’s where we come in. We specialize in working with other companies to help their client’s credit situation.
It’s hard to send a client off to another company, especially if you don’t know how well they’ll treat them. Our hands-on approach ensures a smooth transition from your customer service team to ours and back again.

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