Dr. Luke S.


I am writing to thank you services for your professionalism and clear communication you have had with me over the last few months.  I was skeptical that your credit restoration services would have a significant effect on my score but was frustrated by the lack of improvement I was having with my own attempts to increase my score. I have been surprised and elated to know that with using your services my score has jumped from 684 to 732!  Having just applied for a new home loan, the loan officer made it clear that that increase in the credit score would lead to savings in thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.  Thank you so much for your help.

Alec S.


I recently came to Sperity with bad credit, negative items that did not belong on my file and bankruptcies that I could not remove.

Since that time, I have 2015 Chevy Equinox that I love! I have also been approved for a Chase Slate card and have a new banana republic card. Anyone, who wants to improve their score and feel hopeless, don’t feel that way! Do something about and go with Sperity! There is light at the end if you believe and follow there directions.

My life is great so can yours be if your committed!

Cindy S.


Sperity has changed my life for the better.  Five years ago I went through a nasty divorce which left me with credit scores barely at 500.  I was desperate and embarrassed feeling like I had this bad number stuck to my forehead at all times.  I researched different credit repair companies and found Sperity.  

I signed up with Amy who made the process smooth and easy to understand.  Within the first couple of months I began to see changes....that first phone call with Amy was in May 2016 and I am happy to let you know that July 2016 I became a homeowner.  Thank you Sperity for helping me realize my dream of being a homeowner. Not only has being a homeowner changed me, but freedom from bad credit has made me feel whole agin - Thank you Sperity!!!


Alyssa A.


I was referred to Sperity last year and have had an amazing experience working with their team!

My consultant, Jaimie is awesome! She was easy to get ahold of, communicated and checked up on me often. We were able to get 100% deletion on all three bureaus.

Since I had such a great experience, I referred two close friends who have also been very happy.

Jaimie and her team have helped me tremendously and given me a second chance with my credit.

Thanks for everything! :)

Robert J.


You guys did exactly what you promised, and then some. Not much more I can expect. The only suggestion I'd have is to email me an updated credit score every week. 

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